Teacher / Parent Communication

Resources for Weekly Emails:

Other Communication Tools Available:

Option 1 – School Messenger App

General Info --

    1. Similar to Remind (app-to-app communication)

        • “Texts” only go to the SchoolMessenger app (not to regular text messaging app)

    2. Classes already loaded and synced with PowerSchool

        • Can send “texts” to parents for whole class

        • Can send “texts” to individual parents

        • Can enable/disable replies from parents

    3. This app does NOT send voice calls OR emails to parents (only administrators can do that)

    4. Teachers can create “groups” for parent communication about athletics teams or clubs

    5. Currently NOT available for communicating with students (might become available later/soon)

How to access --

    1. Teachers sign-in with HCPS credentials (accounts already exist)

    2. Parents create account using email address on file in PowerSchool (contact school for assistance)

    3. Everyone’s account includes messages from the school and county (all SchoolMessenger communications in one place!)

    4. Click here to access on the web (also linked on Hub homepage)

    5. Mobile apps available for Android or iPhone

Option 2 – Google Voice

General info --

    1. Use to make voice calls to individual parents

        • Allows you to protect your personal phone number without blocking caller ID

        • Can also be used for text messaging an individual parent

    2. Calls go directly to parent’s phone number (they don’t need a special app or account)

How to access --

    1. Google Voice cannot be used with HCPS Google account (costs $$)

    2. Create a Gmail account that is only for school (click here for directions)

        • For FOIA reasons, avoid using a personal Gmail account

    3. After creating a Gmail account for school, follow these directions to setup Google Voice from that account

    4. Make voice calls from the computer OR a mobile app:

Option 3 – Schoology

General info --

    1. Not all parents have accounts – parents have to create an account

    2. Students with associated parent accounts will have the parent name listed below the student name on the Members tab of each Course

How to access --

    1. Can message ALL parents in a Schoology course

          1. Click Course Options (under course image)

          2. Click Send Message

          3. Select Parents from “To” drop-down

    2. Can message individual parents in a Schoology course

          1. Click the Members tab (left edge)

          2. Click the Gear next to student name

          3. Select Message Parents